Opening a whole new world of possibilities.

why to do it?

Why a Metaverse?

» Revolutionize the concept of Remote Work

» Bring Loopers and partners closer

» Make the difference in the world

» Have people from all around the world together

» Have fun, learn and grow up with the community

Building of a brand
New World


Districts to be explored



Amazing Ideas

Creative Deals

Quick Support

In the Remotica you will be able to have a new experience of Remote Work.

Work together even distant, have your lobby to customize it your way, interact with other Loopers and partners, travel through the districts and much more. The best technology to maximize your experience.

Digital career

Use of Aura remote career to grow faster

Aura will guide and help the Loopers during their journey, certifying their behavior and skills


digital work protocol

NFT Certifications

Test your skills and get NFT certifications that prove your expertise in different areas.

Distributed Governance Token

Warden Token

Token that allows Loopers and partners to have a voice in different decisions, creating a closer community.

Actively participate in the community events.

You can use the community points in our store


Digital Assets

digital incentives


The projects and payments are made through cryptocurrencies, as well as, community points to be able to buy gifts and even travel.

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