Acting in different areas,
providing teams formed
by brilliant talents.

Empower great talents by joining intellectual capacity to high-performance projects.

IThe Ecosystem is where you can connect exceptional talents to growth.


The Largest Network

Constantly updating the artificial intelligence algorithm for team building and improving internal processes to create a motivating and exciting work environment.

CodeLoop’s philosophy is to train professionals and focus on career planning.

Our 13

An intelligent Ecosystem that manages and coordinates projects in an ideal mode.


Keeping in order

The Warden is our Aura keeper. Responsible for keeping our accesses, documents, links and also responsible for clearing up your doubts and organizing the FAC.

Some numbers that
Mark CodeLoop’s Success

CodeLoop’s methodology uses thousands of data points to form the best team for your project, and allows it to reach a new level, ensuring that your project is successful. This entire organization is very well represented by the best talents in each area.





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