Increase connection with your audience in any media.
offers communication channels with an elite
teams dedicated to its customers.

Good communication is an indispensable component of success. The Ecosystem automates this process for your company to be more agile and present in your communication channels.

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CodeLoop can model customer service techniques and provide a team to survey the significant anxieties of your public.

Usage of business intelligence gathered to create customer service automation systems.

Setup of the communication channels specified at the start of the project.

Integration of chat and voice bot solutions into your audience’s attendance flow and a periodic evaluation of results.


Project Procedures

Don’t panic! CodeLoop has all the essential procedures to execute a successful project plan for you.

Setting the right plan in the kickoff can make your project a success.

Communication Services
CodeLoop increases the connection with your audience in any media, offering
communication channels with a dedicated team for your clients.

Market research

Customer Experience Architecture

Support Management (L1, L2, L3)

Support Architecture

Communication channels Creation

Creation of Ticket Tools

Progress Report for Investors

Customer Experience Management

LMS creation

Ticket Tools Management

Ticket Tools Management

LMS Management

Employee Experience Architecture

Communication Channel Management

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