Social Impact

We seek to transform lives through impactful and transformative projects.

Social Impact

Training in areas of social vulnerability

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What's CodeLoop Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a South African philosophy that symbolizes collective success.

CodeLoop couldn’t start talking about innovation without a solid foundation and tangible impact on society, so we embrace this philosophy as our core to change lives.

our representative

Culture Ambassadors

Professionals with complete and exclusive dedication, responsible for all public relations involving social development axes that connect the units implemented.


Local Culture First

Through a more humanistic vision, we value the population, its principles, culture, religious values, and the human condition in the face of any other issues. Applying values of generosity, empathy, solidarity, and others.


Connection with CodeLoop international partners, develop careers for training members.


Connection with the CodeLoop Ecosystem, bringing constant integration and collaboration.


Organization of facilitation events and promotion of access to the community.


Rooting Seeds

It guarantees training and employment opportunities in areas of social vulnerability, which have low access to work and state-of-the-art technologies.

Enables service delivery demands from the Global North to be executed by the Global South.

Social Projects

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Social Impact

2% of all investment received and e 1% of all revenue from ecosystem projects will be allocated to these projects.

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