Aura remote career

CodeLoop has several specializations in each area.

About CodeLoop's

Aura remote career

We’ve put together a helpful roadmap for you to define your career goals, using our large specialization numbers and new platform!

Aura will guide and help the Loopers during their journey, certifying their behavior and skills

digital work protocol

NFT Certifications

Professionals with Tested skills and with NFT certifications that prove they expertise in different areas.

Our biomas

Expertise areas

The CodeLoop Ecosystem comprises five biomes that present several solutions for your business

Automation of the process of your company to be more agile and present in your communication channels.

Structured method with tools and activities at each client, all are adapted and 100% focused on your case.

Business Strategic planning, business plan creation and sales team structuring for your project.

About our seniorities

Archetype Codeloop

Codeloop archetypes are omnipresent throughout the professional journey within the ecosystem and follow our roadmap.


Looper Junior

After passing an collaboration, the new
looper becomes a junior. The main
requirement for this is the ability to
perform technical tasks independently.

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