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Structure your marketing campaigns and sell more.


Increase the connection with your audience in any media.


Structured methods of mentorship and mental health for companies.


Develop the system you want with quality and flexibility.


Build strategic business plans according to the goals of your company.

Squad presets

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You also can choose a preset and specialized squad for the type of service you need.

The Growth
The Growther
A squad specialized in the growth of your project.
The Startupper
The Startupper
The squad that your startup needs for better results.
The Speedster
The Speedster
For you who need speed in your project.

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How does CodeLoop Remote Workforce work?

Partners can see in CodeLoop an opportunity to grow their business and always have a team of highly qualified developers available, ready to make your business a success and the best, at a highly affordable cost.

Starting a new project is very simple. You only need to fill out a new project flow through the website.

The entire development preparation process takes an average of 7 days.

Starting a new project is very simple, just fill out our new project flow through the website.

Project managers can anticipate setbacks early and change course so we can deliver the final product on time and with unquestionable quality.

Project managers build specifications 80% faster than average, and developers can start with 60% of the code already written.

Our methodology allows our team to adapt with extreme speed to other development teams, where our managers take care of all the necessary integrations (communication environments, adaptation of the work routine, etc).

We offer a test environment for all software developed on our platform, so each client can follow the progress of their product and have a more accurate strategic analysis.

We offer a 1 to 6 month warranty to ensure that you go to market with the best possible product.


Why do we stand out?

Global network of remote professionals

Global network of remote professionals Certified experienced talents that can bring effectiveness to your business goals.

Get Started in the same day

once Aura receives your project, our Loopers will be immediately working on it to deliver your project always on time.

Project Managment

All CodeLoop projects have its own Project Manager, whom will make sure of quality and deadline for you.

Fixed Price

Once we have given you a price range for your project, it will not suffer any modification on its course.

Aura platform

An exclusive intelligent platform that can combine your project goals to our network of qualified professionals

Exceptional Quality

The Ecosystem combines top quality professionals with smart monitoring and automation tools to deliver the best products and results.

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