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Street photography
setembro 15, 2022

Street Photography Contest | CodeLoop Quest

The Street Photography Contest is active, so don’t stay out of this one!

It’s time to start the first CodeLoop Quest, we’re starting with an amazing one. Several excellent releases are happening today (September 1st).  This day will go down in the history of our community.

First: What is Street Photography, and how will the contest work?

Street Photography

Street Photography, or just, StreetPhoto, is the habit of walking around carrying a professional camera, semi-professional or, more commonly, a smartphone, in search of that perfect image that translates an era.

In conclusion, we can say that currently, the term Street Photography is used to name the process that some photographers do to “hunting” images around the city. The photographs obtained can have a documentary, as well, an artistic purpose and are often obtained by pure chance.

The competition

In this competition, CodeLoop community members will go hunting and will have to submit an authorial street photo until September 10th, the theme is free, and everyone is invited to participate. To understand a little more, read the competition rules below.

Street Photography Contest rules:

  • 1 – All photo submissions must be made by September 10th
  • 2 – The file size must not exceed 10MB
  • 3 – The submitted file’s name must be the participating member’s name, for example, bruno-guimarães.jpg or bruno-guimarães.png
  • 4 – Selfies will not be accepted
  • 5 – Only one photography submission per community member will be accepted
  • 6 – Must send the photo to the email [email protected] with the title “CodeLoop Quest”


Between the 11th and 14th of September, open Voting will begin to elect the winners of the contest. Voting will take place right here on the CodeLoop website.


The top 3 places here in the first CodeLoop Quest will receive Community Points corresponding to their ranking:

  • 1st Place – 50 Community Points
  • 2nd Place – 25 Community Points
  • 3rd Place – 10 Community Points

Are you interested in the competition, but, is not a member? No problem, CodeLoop community is open to those with the passion and desire to participate in a group that shares knowledge and wants to grow together.

In conclusion, if you are that kind of person and want to help us create a better community, join the Codeloop Community right now. Click here.

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